Friday, 22 February 2013

Yep, I'll sign up! Just don't make me say no!

I've been meaning to write this post for sometime, but I felt that I had to get it right in my head first. This post may seem a bit moany and negative, but that's only because I have to write about my gym!

A few weeks ago I was approached by a PT at my gym. I go to LA Fitness in Warwick, I make no secret of the fact that I hate it there, the staff turnover is too quick, there is never anyone around to help you, the range of equipment is very poor (no kettlebells, TRX, resistance bands?!?) and the Manager is so rude I can't bear to look at her! There is only one member of staff, Louise, who has been consistent, she does most of the classes and the classes of hers I have done are excellent. I stay simply because of the cost, other gyms in my area are twice as expensive and I just haven't the money, so I have to put up and shut up! What I'd actually like to do is start a one women campaign about how shit the club is, but I manage to adapt my training session for the equipment that they do actually have there so I guess as long as I don't want to do anything interesting or different, it'll do. (It won't, I really hate it!) As I have started swimming at the pool roughly 4 minutes walk from my house, I'm going to have a mooch around their gym facilities over the weekend and see the equipment they have, so a change maybe on the cards, but for now, better the devil you know!!

Ok, so what was my point? Ah yes, the PT that approached me. He just so happened to catch me on the day that I was feeling a bit shit about my weightloss, as it had plateaued. I also hadn't seen Oli for 3 weeks, so usually at this point of the month I have a wobble that everything I am doing is wrong (it isn't, I just worry about everything). Basically he caught me on the right day, for him, and after a 10 minute chat he had convinced me that he was the only person in the world that could help me, along with the fact that I hate confrontation so I generally end up saying yes to everything! Before I knew it, I had booked in for a free session and had all these fandangled ideas that I was going to be a size 10 in 3 months, because John said! He didn't, I just got well carried away.

I then spent the next few days stressing out about what I was going to tell Oli. I was adamant that I was changing and that it was a good decision, but like I said earlier, I hate confrontation. Anyway, I got hold of Oli and he said to go and have the free session, so all was good, phew! I then had a conversation with my sister H who basically told me to stop being so stupid. She reminded me that Oli and I had started this journey together and I had had excellent results, so why change? She also said something that really struck home, Oli doesn't care about the money or tying me into contracts, he has a vested interest in my progress, he doesn't just tell me what I need to do to get results, he makes sure I understand why, basically, he is giving me the tools to do this with or without his support, and finally, he believes in me, he truely believes that I will do this and that belief shows in every minute of our sessions together. Although we only have one session a month, he never pushes me and tells me I need more (even though really I do) he just adapts the session so he is teaching me as much as he can in that hour, and makes it clear that he is around for support if I need it in between sessions.

After this conversation, I was so confused. I went to the free session anyway and I did enjoy it. Lots of kettlebell circuits and core work, which was different and tough. I certainly felt I was working through the session and John was good at explaining the exercises and encouraging me, but I just didn't get there was that same belief. This could be down to it being the first session, and comparing it to Oli, who I have known for years but it just didn't sit right with me. After the session we went through my goals for this year and John said he didn't see any reason why I couldn't meet them and that they look realistic which was pleasing, but then he got out all these forms I needed to sign and wanted a decision straight away and to set a date for another session. Again, I hate confrontation so immediately agreed, shit! It's a shame because this really put me off, but I figured this was another ploy from LA Fitness to tie people in so I'm not blaming him!

I knew that I needed to speak to Oli about my fitness and these triathlons I've decided to do, so I contacted him to book a session later the same week. He didn't disappoint, and I spent the session completing different exercises Tabata style. It was the hardest hour I have ever spent with Oli (until the next time no doubt) but again it has given me something different to do in my sessions on my own if I get bored of the gazillion walking lunges I like to do! One thing that I have taken out of the session I had with John is the core work, I know that even though my core has really improved over the past year, it is still pretty weak, so I have incorporated some work with the stability ball into my sessions. Also, the walking lunges have become a little easier, so I'm using the medicine ball side to side as I go to make them tougher, which I have been told by @TheIron_Bear is good for core, along with static long jumps for power (apparently), considering he likes to call himself The King of Core I guess I should listen to him! My first attempt at this was a bit of a joke, the lunges were a bit (a lot) wobbly, ok, I did fall over, but there was no one there to see so technically you can't prove it! I also fell off the stability ball, I guess this will be a regular occurance over the next few weeks! I have to say I really noticed the difference doing these exercises, my whole middle was screaming at me for the next couple of days, which is always a pleasing feeling!

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