Thursday, 21 February 2013

Nearly an actual Mermaid

In my last post I talked about my first swimming session where I am going to learn how to swim properly and start competing in triathlons. This is a real challenge for me, as water is not somewhere that I feel comfortable and I've not ridden a bike since I was 12 and failed my cycling proficiency test (yes, it is bloody possible!)

On Sunday I sat down and worked out a training plan for this week also I worked out my meals based on what my training is on that day, I've just read that back, I really am THAT boring! And how lucky you are, you get to hear all about it.

Ok so I won't make you hear all about it, but I will tell you about my swim session last night. I was pleased that the lovely @jlcurrie came with me, I'm really hoping that she will enter the triathlon too as I'm shitting myself thinking about going alone! 

The start of the session wasn't that great, I warmed up with a few lengths of Nan swimming, while Jo whizzed off showing off with her grown up swimming. I then grabbed a float and started to practice some of the breathing drills that Rachel advised me to practice, I found them so hard, I just couldn't get it, three breaths and I was coughing and spluttering, then not wanting to put my head in the water. Not what I was hoping for.

I realised, as did Jo, that I needed to get my head underwater. So, as she went off to do another couple of lengths, I practiced another one of Rachels drills. This felt much better, as I was fully underwater so had no time to panic. The first few times I pushed off I didn't breathe out quite right and I came up spluttering, but I carried on and after twenty or so push offs I felt really comfortable so carried on and tried swimming a length, of grown up swimming.

Instead of panicking and spluttering, I tried to keep calm and concentrate on the breathing, and for the next couple of lengths I managed three strokes on and one stroke off, then four on one off, etc. By the end of the session I was swimming full lengths with only 3-4 single stroke breaks per length. Considering how the start of the session went I wasn't expecting progress so quickly! But like Jo said, it's similar to running, takes a while to warm up then it just clicks, so am now close to Mermaid status.

So, with two strength sessions, an interval run, a swim session and a couple of core sessions, I'm looking forward to my active recovery day tomorrow, where I'll be helping with Regency Runners 5k course.

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