Saturday, 9 March 2013

Baby Steps

Ok, so I have taken the first steps to next years half iron distance triathlon. I have continued with swimming twice a week, this seems to be going quite well and I'm now able to do full lengths of breast stroke, and am officially no longer a member of the dry hair brigade. I do have a long way to go with my technique, my legs seems to go in 8 different directions at the same time and I'm sure I could be much more efficient with my arms but the main thing for me is that I am able to get my head in the water and breathe out, and also, that is it now starting to feel natural and comfortable. During Tuesdays session I reduced the time spent in between lengths to just a few seconds and I felt much more comfortable than I had done in the past, so things are really improving. I'm really proud of my progress over the last few weeks and I'm sure that soon I'll be ready for my shell bra and scales for Mermaid status. Although, I was reminded by @TheIron_Bear that I won't do very well in the bike with a fish tail, smart arse, I think I'll do just fine, and I'll prove it!
I have been thinking about an event for next year that I wanted to do, I hadn't found anything that jumped out at me or that seemed really interesting. Originally I wanted to do an official Ironman event but geez they are expensive, I also don't know what I would gain from it being an Ironman event, and also, the 70.3 in the UK is apparently one of the toughest, so I decided to look for smaller (cheaper) events. I was due to do a local 5k race today (I'm ill so I didn't run, booo) and when I was checking the Raceways website for the details I noticed that they had added a 70.3 to their race calender, perfect! I knew it was the one that I wanted to do straight away, the event is at Radley Hall in Warwickshire which isn't too far from me, and it's a lovely place. The swim takes part in the lake where you complete three laps, and the run is also in the grounds and the finish line in front of the Hall itself. The only thing I'm a little worried about is the ride, the route is yet to be released but is described as undulating, I guess I'll just have to learn to enjoy burying myself in hills! Another reason I was keen on this event is that all Raceways events raise funds for Kids Run Free which is a great Midlands charity.

So with the event picked I plucked up the courage to enter my first triathlon in May. It's only a super sprint distance but I figured that I need to decide whether or not I like it or not before committing myself to such a big event and challenge. Plus, this gives me something to focus on and so far I am enjoying the training. I timed myself swimming 200m which I did in 8 minutes, I was pleased with this and considering I've only been  swimming for 4 weeks I aim to take a good chunk of this ready for the triathlon in May. 

Training has been kind of going well in general over the last few weeks and my weight had continued to drop. I've been adding additional exercises into my circuits in the gym and even though this has been taking up for time I have been enjoying it, of sorts. I'm not sure if I am getting it quite right as I'm not getting as sore as I once was, so maybe I need to re-evaluate the weights that I'm using, I'm also finding it really difficult to get motivated once I'm in the gym, I go through the motions and do what I need to, but I struggle to get that intensity that I need. I made the mistake of saying this to @TheIron_Bear and he has given me a ridiculous circuit to do involving quick weight circuits and 1k runs in between with no rest. Now, he told me that this is probably the hardest session that he does, so I am not really filled with confidence that I am going to be able to complete it but I'll give it a go on Monday, hopefully once this cold and temperature has gone!

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