Saturday, 27 July 2013

Lozza Radcliffe

I seem to be a bit behind with my blog, no reason, just busy. So a quick catch up on what I got up to last weekend.

I only went and ran in the bloody Olympic stadium!

This probably isn't new news to lots of you, as there were over 12000 people running in the Anniversary Run and many of them have blogged about it. So here is the race from my point of view.

Running in this race meant a very early start, we had decided not to stay overnight in London but to drive down from Warwick and jump on the tube at West Ruislip. This meant we had to leave at 6am, so I was up at 5am. I'm not happy when I am up at 5am, Olympic Stadium or not!

I think we arrived in Stratford around 9am, ish. Actually I have no idea but when we got there it was busy and cold, thats about all I remember! After getting through security we headed to the Orbit where we had arranged to meet with everybody before me, Clair, Jo, Shazza and Anne headed to the start line:

Once there we waited for what seemed like forever before we were off, all 5 of us excited like schools girls, especially Jo, who after lumping and waving like a lunatic going over the start line got full attention and a wave from Chris Hoy. Nice work Jo!

The first mile was a little annoying, and was among the list as long as my arm on things that were annoying during the first 4.5miles, @jbeccx (who I met up with again, hooray!) has written a great blog on the day which mirrored everything that frustrated me about the race itself, so have a read of that and then no one is repeating themselves!

All was forgiven as the last 0.5 mile was the best 0.5 mile that I have ever run, not because I was running at an amazing speed or anything like that, but I was running with my best running mates in the Olympic Stadium! As we ran into the stadium underneath the stands Chariots of Fire was playing and also commentary from Mo Farah winning a Gold medal during last years games. I don't mind saying that this gave me goosebumps and might have (definitely did) bring a tear to my eye and a lump in my throat.

Running into the stadium was amazing and I couldn't believe how springy the track was and felt great to run on, the crowd was so loud and encouraging and I was fighting back tears as I reached 200m to go. I didn't want to rush it as I wanted it to last forever, but I knew I would regret it if I didn't give that final push and a cheeky sprint finish. As we ran round the bend a guy came out of nowhere milking it from the crowd and sprinting to the finish, as soon as we saw him I think we all took off to the finish. The thrill of crossing that line was something I can't ever explain, but doing it with those four girls made it even more special, and I think we spent a few minutes jumping around hugging each other!

Was this the best race ever? Yes, certainly was! 

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