Saturday, 13 July 2013

Lane bully!

Last week I wrote about how I had stepped up my training to really kick start my weight loss again, and that I was planning ahead with my meals and training so I was more structured. Well, this week has been much of the same. Everything has been written down and then ticked off, nothing has been missed or substituted, I had planned in a cheat meal and a rest day (which was boring) so I was able to stick to my plan to the letter. I work much better like this, as strict as it may sound, I need structure. If I don't have it, I will gain weight, miss training sessions and eat crap. I'm not one of these that can eat when my body tells me, I'll just stuff my face until I'm sick then carry on eating (yes, I have a very bad relationship with food, but I'm working on that).

At the beginning of the week I went to meet with a different PT. I felt that I needed a real push leading up my next planned Triathlon in September, and I know that to get the results that I want I need to lose a good 14lbs minimum, more if possible, so I think one really intense session a week will keep me focused to do this, I struggle to do this on my own, I find continually training in the gym alone can be a bit flat and I can't get in the right head space, I just want someone to tell me what to do for an hour! We had a really interesting conversation and I was listened to about my goals, primarily weight loss but also overall fitness and performance. I came away from the meeting feeling so motivated to move forward and I'm really looking forward to starting my sessions next week.

So the week has included a few runs, and few gym sessions, a bike ride and a couple of swims. I won't bore you with ins and outs of each session, but the swim I think this week is really important! I reported last week that I had booked my first open water swim coaching session and that I needed to be able to swim 500m of front crawl before I go, well, I'm so nearly there! I went to the pool Thursday with the goal of swimming none stop for 150m, which was what I had written in my plan to get up to 500m. I started with a few warm up lengths of breast stroke which really didn't work for me, I'm axing this now, it clearly isn't the stroke for me! After a couple of lengths I stopped and adjusted my goggles then started my attempt at 150m of front crawl. This went way better than expected and at 200m I stopped, but only as my goggles were steaming up, I fixed this and off I went again, now realising I could easily swim 500m that night so I slowed it down and just relaxed and swam one length at a time, resting for 10 seconds or so after each length then carrying on until I reach 475m, one length to go. I'm so pleased this happened on my last length as I got straight out afterwards and felt a bit shaken, some nob head idiot swam over me which a) scared the shit out of me as I've no idea where he came from and b) disorientated me under water which for a non confident swimmer is a really bad thing. I couldn't have been swimming any closer to the rope if I had tried (I use it to help keep me straight!) so it's not like I was in anyones way! Once I surfaced I finished my length and got straight out, there seemed to be no apology coming my way from the "lane bully" so feeling very defeated I got out. I only realised when I was in the shower that bar 15m or so I had done it! 500m of front crawl! Some small breaks but until I was rudely disturbed I felt really comfortable, I'm ecstatic with this, I think I might have done a little dance in the shower when I realised what I had done!

So the results of this weeks focused and determined hard work? A loss of 7lbs, my biggest weekly loss to date. This has now put me back on the road for getting rid of all this weight, and setting myself up for a good winter ready for next years planned 70.3. It's also made a huge difference to how I usually feel around this time of year, I hate summer, my allergies can't cope with it and I've generally been too fat to cope with the heat, but today, in 33 degree heat, I was able to wear an actual pair of shorts and get the legs out, I've not done this for years! 

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  1. Brill swim!! Well done Lozza!! And nice pins too!


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