Saturday, 1 June 2013

What a difference a week makes

This time last week I was sat watching Saturday night TV on a proper sugar come down after weeks of eating crap without even noticing I was! During the last week I have been able to look back constructively to my eating habits over the last couple of months and it was clear that I had slipped back pretty comfortably into my old habits. Without dwelling on it too much, packets of cookies, chocolate and crisps had become the norm again, well, not anymore!

Tonight I am sitting watching TV looking back on a week of being back on it diet wise and generally getting it right. Could I have done better? Yes, I guess I could have, but I stuck to what had worked for so long and kept the principles of:
  1. High protein
  2. Low sugar
  3. Keep well hydrated (this can be difficult to judge now we are in asparagus season! Sorry!)
I also decided to make myself accountable for EVERYTHING that I eat, so started a separate blog that I am using as a kind of photo food diary, which if you want to see it's here. Looking back at it and I would say I don't think I am eating enough but I am pleased that it is a good start and the weight is starting to come off with a 2lb loss this week.

Training wise I have had a difficult week, work seems to be really busy at the moment and I am struggling to get that balance right. After my disastrous gym session Monday I swam Tuesday night, still trying to work on my technique. I have axed breast stroke completely now as it just doesn't feel natural, so I am working on front crawl, this is what I will need in the Triathlons so it makes sense to concentrate on this and not waste time on something I don't really need. Thursday I ran with Regency Runners, as they are running a 'Learn 2 run' course I have been helping out with tail running so I walk/ran a slow 5k, so didn't really break a sweat but I was out the house so I guess better than nothing!

This morning I attended a new boot camp in Leamington with Jo and Anne. The session was run by Phil Sims who I have trained with before down at Peak Fitness, he is also Anne's PT and one of the other PT's there I knew from grueling spin classes down at LA Fitness (When it was good!) I had a great morning working out in a group and the trainers were really good and friendly and I'm looking forward to going again next week, I think this will be a good session a week to help with improving my fitness, and working out with others is really appealing. This has pretty much sealed the fate of LA Fitness, and I am finally going to leave after months of being unhappy with their service. 

On a personal note, the response from my last post was incredible, and I can't thank people enough for the kind comments that I had after writing it. The other thing that struck me was how many people were able to relate to it and to say that it happens to them too, but their encouragement have enabled me to focus so I thanks you, very much!!

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