Monday, 7 January 2013

This is about to start getting expensive!

As if the gym memberships, PT sessions, protein powders, supplements and endless amount of kit wasn't enough to keep me on the verge of bankruptcy over the last eight months, it seems that I now have the problem that you would think would please me, believe me, it does not. Nothing in my wardrobe bloody fits me! Well, maybe not quite true, nothing in my wardrobe THAT I LIKE fits me.

I went to work this morning in an outfit that only needs one word to describe it - Disgusting! Grey trousers, which I hate with a passion as I usually wear dresses to work (kept only as they fit me, and are suitable for work) and a top that literally hung off me, this was after half an hour of literally ripping clothes out of the wardrobe, trying it on, sighing and throwing in the charity shop pile. I looked like a mess.

I shouldn't really moan about this, it is great news that I am seeing great results from my hard work, but I really like some of my old clothes and more importantly, I'm constantly broke, so buying a load of new clothes when I want to drop another 2/3 dress sizes isn't sensible. I worked out today that this must have been the reason that I have never got lower than this weight when I have lost weight in the past! I know it isn't but I am a lover of my clothes, I don't want to let them go!

The past week has been much of the same really. I've stuck to my training plan set by Oli and we now have a session booked on 14th January where he will set me a new plan for the next month. I'm continuing to get stronger, and upped the weights again today for shoulder press, I stuck to the 10kg dumbbells for the first 5 sets however I didn't find this to be as tough as it has been in recent sessions so for the last set I used the 12kg dumbbells. I'm not sure if this was a sensible idea, my from wasn't that great but it's encouraging that the 10kgs are getting a little easier. I also moved the weight up to 60kg for the last couple of sets of low row which was really tough but I managed it so all in all a good steady session, I sure feel it this morning! Ouch!!

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