Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Well this week was the dreaded monthly weigh in. Again I had been confident up until Saturday, where it all went wrong just two days before I was due to step on the scales. I'm not saying being ill is an excuse to eat rubbish, but it was the reason that I did it. I'll come back to that later.
I weighed myself on my own scales Monday morning and as I expected after the weekends antics I had gained a little weight, but I wasn't worried, as that had been my only slip up since my last weigh in, and after all it was only a few slices of bread and a bag of crisps!

So I arrived at Peak Fitness for the moment of truth, and stepped on the scales. My last weigh in was a bit of a disaster, with a big drop in weight but most of it being muscle, and a 4% gain in body fat. The results today were great, only 500g weight loss but more importantly, 4% body fat LOSS (which I worked out to be 8lbs) and 3kg muscle gain, resting metobolic rate has gone up to 1705 and visceral fat now 8, all improvements on last months weigh in, so all in all, a great result!

Oli told me that he would be switching up my workout for the next month, again to really switch on my glutes, an obsession of his that is starting to wear thin!! So, this month my reps have gone up and rest periods have been reduced to 30 seconds, ok good. Walking lunges are again playing a key part, now without holding weights, but I have to do more, they are to be coupled with TRX rows (15), something that I will substitute in my gym, I was to do 4 sets of these. The next exercise I found really hard work, body weight squats - down, up a little, back down then back up - make sense? These were so hard, and at this point I was close to tears, Oli was being particuarly tough on my form and making sure I wasn't bouncing or leaning forward as my legs were screaming to take it all through my quads. I was to do 15 of these, coupled with 15 press ups, again 4 sets.

The one thing that struck me was that even though the workout I had been doing was hardwork, it has started to get easier as this session hit me like a train! On paper this doesn't really look that hard, but I was only half way through and I had had enough, my legs had stopped functioning properly and mentally I was struggling, I think what affected me most was the reduction in rest time, something that I am really going to have to be strict with myself on when I workout on my own!

After a trip to the doctors later that day, it seems that any trips to the gym this week are not going to happen. What I thought was a coldsore developed on my nose over the weekend, and resulted in the entire right hand side of my face swelling up, to the point on Sunday night that my right eye was starting to close up and the right side of my nose around four times bigger than the left (I think Oli secretly thought that I had stayed in fancy dress from Halloween, I hadn't, I hate Halloween). The doctor told me that it was more likely to be Impegito, which meant I was contagious, just what you need when you live on your own!!

I don't have to look very far to realise that it could be so much worse, so I'm counting my chickens! I mention my friend Paul every now and again in my blog as he is also on a journey of his own. We often chat about our training and the results that we are seeing, Paul is training for Ironman next July, and has come a hell of a long way in the last year, literally transforming himself into a whole new person! Paul is also very commited when he trains, has a great attitude and pushes himself way further than any normal human being, so it was gutting to hear that he had somehow managed to break his wrist, lacerate his kidney and take a chunk out of his pelvis after a fall from a great height in the gym, he has been told recovery could be up to 12 weeks. Paul was due to compete in Toughmudder in a couple of weeks, his last race of the season, and he is gutted his season is over, but already has a plan in place to make a comeback in February, and is itching to get back on a static bike.

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