Monday, 11 June 2012

Shin splints, booooo!

In the last post I mentioned that I had to pull out of the Two Castles 10k yesterday. I only got the place two weeks ago and was really looking forward to the event. Two Castles is my local 10k race, it starts at Warwick Castle, and finishes at Kenilworth Castle. This would have been my first Two Castles 10k Race.  Being the Regency Runners local event, the Regency Runners are always out in full force. This I think always makes it extra special. In fact, a twitter friend of mine @russw ran the race yesterday and said that Regency Runner shirts were everywhere, I won't of course mention that he was pipped on the line at our local parkrun Saturday by one of the new members to the club, Samantha!

So the reason for me pulling out is? Probably every runner’s worst nightmare shin splints.
Since the marathon, my primary running goal has been to improve my pace. As I have mentioned before I have joined the 5k 10 week course at running group, this involves lots of interval work, just what I need. Or so I thought!

The problem with changing your pace up after a marathon is your muscles are still healing, not just from the 26.2 miles but also the months of training that you have put in, so when you start to have a go at sprint sessions your muscles are all sticky and can't move properly, causing more damage. I thought that the 4 weeks I took off from running after the marathon would have been enough, but it appears I was wrong yet again!

I have only been running once a week, with the PT sessions at Peak Fitness and my own sessions in the gym I have been able to keep myself busy enough. As I have been having the pain for a few weeks, I thought the rest in between runs would do me some good.

Thursday I decided to go down to meet with running group for a relays session, pretty stupid idea I know, but in my defence my legs felt surprisingly good. I got through the first drill with no real pain, but during the second drill I started to feel sharp pains in my shins during the sprints, this was then quickly followed by quite heavy pain in between the sprints so I quickly dropped out quite miserably half way through.

I had a physio appointment with Cathy booked for today as I knew the shine splints were quickly becoming an issue. After lots of pain, prodding, poking, ice and tape, this is the result:

I think secretly Cathy was very pleased with the pretty patterns that she made on my legs with her tape, however I don't quite know how I can hide this when I am in the office tomorrow!

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