Sunday, 24 June 2012

Proof in Numbers

I am now over two weeks into Operation shed 5 stone and I'm feeling pretty good and still really motivated. Although I have been training for a few weeks now it has only been the last couple of weeks that I have really nailed the diet that Oli at Peak Fitness had advised me to follow to get the best results.

So, after bounding into the gym on Thursday very smug and pleased with myself with my training and diet, Oli decided to spring a weigh in on me. Crap, this wasn't what I wanted and felt it was too early, my last weigh in was only 7 weeks ago and it had take 5 weeks to get my head around this diet, but Oli was insistent that I needed to see my progress so I could carry on knowing that I was doing well. I thought I would mention quickly that I work in lbs, whereas Oli works in kg, another thing that I will need to get my head around at some point!

So, apprehensively I stepped onto Oli's fancy scales and looked dead ahead, waiting what seemed an age for the beep so I could step off and hear the results. Immediately I saw that I had lost 2kg, just 2?? My scales at home had told me that I had lost 7lbs, but, as I had admitted to Oli, the first 4-5 weeks were really tough and although I had been working really hard, I had only been following bits of the diet and had found it a real struggle. I imagine that I may have put on weight during this time, so my 7lbs weight loss sounds about right.

Oli then explained the results to me, handing me a 6kg weight he said that is the amount of body fat that I have lost, which he then worked out to be an approximate loss of 4.5% body fat, music to my ears! He then worked out that I had gained 4kg in muscle mass, which I am really pleased with and Oli very impressed with. All the other numbers were also going in the right direction, my bones are getting stronger, I am better hydrated, my resting metabolic rate has gone up and visceral fat has gone down.

So, I think that is proof in numbers that the diet, as hard as it was to get my head around, and focusing on weight training and intervals is obviously working for me. This week I plan to commit a cardinal sin (sorry Oli) and start some training again with Regency Runners. I need to see how the shins are going to hold up and, I have just realised that I have less than three months to get ready for the Great North Run. Off the back of London Marathon I shouldn't have too many problems preparing for the race so I'm hoping that running this week will be a bit of a boost in confidence.

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  1. Well done Lozza, keep it up, you are doing really well. I have just eaten a chinese which I never do and feel like a blob!! Looking forward to going to the gym this week and swimming:-))


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