Tuesday, 16 April 2013

3 and a half weeks to go, I'm not bloody ready!!

I don't think anyone who knows me would be surprised to know that with 3 and a half weeks to go until my first triathlon, I'm nowhere near ready, or at least I don't think I am! This is no ones fault but my own, so I am going to do what anyone else would do and blame work, you didn't honestly expect me to actually take the blame myself did you? Shame on you!

So, with work being the blame for just about everything, this is where I am at with my training:

...........................................well, I can run (if you consider 10 minute miles to be good enough?!) I'm not particularly concerned about the run, it is only 2.5k being a super sprint and I know I have it in my legs so I have a couple of small brick sessions planned just to get used to the transition between the bike and the run, as I imagine that a 10 minute sit down in between disciplines may be frowned upon.

My swimming is coming on well, to be honest the fact that I am swimming up to a kilometer at a time of breaststroke is a miracle in itself, as 2 months ago I couldn't put my head in the water without getting freaked out. My technique is something to be desired and I would love to complete the 200m required with front crawl but try as I might I can not get my breathing right and I tire very easily. I am persevering though and my goal is to complete one length crawl, one length breaststroke in the race itself. I am due to swim tonight so I shall update you later on twitter as to how I get on.

Cycling is a real problem! This is where I really need to go back to basics. I have been out around st Nics Park in Warwick a couple of times since I had the bike last week and again I'm a little bit rubbish at this! My problem is the gears really, so I will be going along to Regency Riders on Friday to run through the basics, all a little bit short notice I know but financial restraints meant I couldn't get the bike as quickly as I would have liked. The ride in the race is about 20k and is mainly on country lanes, apart from one section of the route which is on a busy dual carriageway, my nervousness about cycling on the roads will really be tested here!!

The good news is that I have booked a session with a real life Triathlon coach. This is either going to be a brilliant thing, or I'm getting way in over my head!! The session is up at Rutland Water with Mary at Inspire2Tri, this is where I went for the running technique course a few weeks ago. Mary is going to provide a 1-2-1 4 hour session which will involve everything to get me ready for my first event, so I will be going along next week. Mary has assured me that I have nothing to worry about and that I'll have a good day, I am really looking forward to the session, even though I am a little apprehensive, really because swimming and cycling are both so new to me. I think Marys guidance will be invaluable to me as I feel a little bit lost with it all!

Lastly, I want to say a huge congratulations to @TheIron_Bear who competed in 2 races last week, performing amazingly in both. It's totally his fault that I have got myself involved in triathlons, so if it all goes pear shaped lets all blame him, yeah?

Also, it is a year ago that I ran London Marathon. I sit here today 38lbs lighter after a bit of a roller coaster year and even though I promised myself that I would never do it again (shin splints are not fun) I do feel a little jealous that I am not taking part this year as it really is something special. So, best of luck to the whole #VLMFamily, including @DanRunning, @TeamB_O_B, @HelenStothard, @bobbydazzler. You will have an amazing day, enjoy every moment and smile!

Ok, so I'm off to splash about in the pool for an hour, thats swimming, right?

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  1. No one is ever ready, just remember to go out and enjoy the race. No matter what happens, smile at the finish line, makes it all worthwhile :)


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