Monday, 17 December 2012

Obsession is commitment

During my last post I mentioned how motivated I felt after my lastpersonal training session. That was two weeks ago now, and I'm pleased to saythat my motivation hasn't slipped, in fact, I am flying through the month andam feeling in control, making good choices and following my training plan tothe letter. This is a big thing for me, as my past Decembers have involved meeating as much food as I can. I'm being serious about this, I used December asan excuse for a free for all, every day I would eat to excess, mince pie aftermince pie, Quality Street until they came out my ears, you name it I ateit...... it was ok though, after all it was Christmas. In fact I distinctlyremember troughing my way through a tin of Quality Street within the first weekof the month, then going out and buying boxes as 'refills' for the tin (mainlyso visitors were less likely to know how many I have eaten). So as you tell,this December I am a completely different person!

I have had one cheat day this month, when friends visited. Thiswas an agreed cheat meal with Oli so it was allowed and part of the plan thathe had set for me for the month, I am allowed one more, which we agreed to beChristmas Day. Now, my original plan was to wake up early on Christmas Day and face-plant into a tin of Quality Street, but after how I felt the dayafter eating pizza on my planned cheat day, and an unexpected small weightgain, I've decided not to take Christmas Day as a cheat day, instead I am going to stay disciplined and strong.

Part of the reason that I have been able to stay focused thismonth is because I have carried on with the Advent Challenge that I mentionedduring my last post. Every day we are challenged to either a physical challengesuch as 5k runs or squats and lunges continually through BBC SPOTY (very closeto giving up on that tough!!) or a challenge such as drink enoughwater, book a race for next year, give yourself only 6 nights of drinking forthe rest of the month. I have to say, it has been a great motivational tool forme and a few friends and has helped me to stay on track and continue to makegood choices as regards to food and training throughout the month.@StuartAmoryPT is a great follow on Twitter, I'd recommend him to anyone as hismotivational tools are excellent.

I mentioned earlier that after my cheatmeal I gained a little weight that I can't seem get rid of, this could also bedue to the fact that it's that time of the month so I could be retaining alittle water, but still, it's been bugging me over the last few days. Manypeople wouldn't recommend weighing yourself every day,but for me it helps to keep me on track, if I miss a few days, I don't have tomake myself accountable, then I lose my focus. I have been stuck on the samenumber now for 5 days or so, and am getting frustrated. I talked this morningto my friend Paul who said I mustn't get consumed bythe number, as it's what is going on inside that matters, so muscle mass, bodyfat % etc. I get this, but my 'obsession' isn't just with the scales, it isalso with my diet, discipline with training, choices I make, surely this is howit is supposed to be to keep me focused, or just that it works this way for me.I saw a quote somewhere a few weeks ago that completely makes sense to me -"You call it an obsession, I call it commitment"

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