Friday, 26 October 2012

Operation sub30 5K

Since my return to running, it appears that I'm actually quite good at it! I have to give credit to the spin/RPM classes as I know that’s what kick-started my improved fitness but also losing the weight has had a massive impact.

Myself and my running friends (Jo, Sharon and Clair) or as Jo called us "The Regs" have entered a 5k race on 17th November and the goal is to get sub30.

I think if I can achieve this then I can safely put myself in the 'proper runner' category. I've had great fun since my return to Regency Runners, running with my friends again is great and I'm so happy I had a long break so I could appreciate it again. It has also helped that my sister Helen has started running again after having a baby, she's doing amazingly well and has joined "The Regs" at the back as she builds back up to her usual 24minute 5k! According to Jo, the back is where all the cool kids hang out, I reckon she's right! Well she must be as secretly all the fasties love running with us Regs!

As I agreed with Oli I'm running with group just once a week, which means I don’t get any over kill. Regency Runners are really great with running sessions that keep you on your toes, so over the last few weeks I've been joining in with the out and back sessions, hills, pace runs and 3k runs so I've been able to work on my pace.

I have also been using the treadmill to help me with pacing, running at 10kph and increasing the distance by 500m at a time. There has been a couple of near misses with this, firstly I started running and came close to losing my running bottoms (I decided to scrap that run) and during my next visit I decided to do my 10 minute warm up on the treadmill, this turned into an attempt at a PB for a mile, I surprised myself and managed 8.57, which  is great, but I must remember that when I press the cool down button, that the treadmill doesn't stop, as I nearly came belting off the back of it!

I'm on track with this pacing, up to 3k at just under 18minutes, and I felt like I could carry on as I felt really comfortable. So it's all going well just now, I'm just hoping that I don't get my usual shit Race Day where everything just seems to go out the window and I limp home with yet another shitty time! My friend Paul experienced that last weekend when his chain broke on the Grim Dualthlon totally wrecking his race! At least I know it’s not just me!

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