Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Building the base

Again, I seem to have left it way too long since my last post but rather than excuse myself I thought I'd just get on with it!

So, since my mental decision to compete in a 70.3 triathlon next year, the realities of that challenge have started to sink in, along with how much this thing is going to cost! As I am neither made of money or have a money tree in my back garden (actually I haven't even got a garden so that doesnt really work) I am really having to think about where the money to pay for it is going to come from, so, while I think about that I am using my time wisely and kicking my own arse at the gym, building the base for the training that will no doubt take over my life!

Since I started this blog, the weight hasn't come off as quickly as I may have liked, in fact I think it has come off rather slowly considering how hard I am working and the changes that I have made to my diet (just 14lb, and that has been a little up and down with a recent holiday to Sicily) But hey, they do say the longer it takes to come off the more likey it is to stay off, apparently. I also think that I am still building muscle as the majority of my workouts are resistance based. My sessions with Oli and Phil at Peak Fitness have come to an end (see above for my lack of cash flow!) so I am now doing it alone, which was ok at first but I am now finding it quite difficult to keep focused during sessions. My friend Paul seems to think that I find my focus easily when I am in the gym, but its not doing the exercise that I lose focus on, I just get on with that, it's the variation and lack of knowledge to think of new and effective things to do that I find difficult. So, basically, tell me to do something and I will do it, and I will try my hardest, but thinking of new things, I'm just shit!

My focus on diet is pretty good. I'm still doing self hypnosis every night and now I am into a routine I know where I am and am finding the choice of food when eating clean is actually really varied, you just have to be a little creative! I am finding it amazing how much better I feel, none of that bloating that I always got before, my skin, hair and nails are in really good condition and I have so much more energy! And they say that energy comes from carbs? Rubbish! I'm also enjoying learning about this choice of diet and it completely makes sense to me now, I'm starting to understand what the food that you put inside you does to your body. I tried to explain to some work colleagues who were eating 'low fat' yoghurt and checking the calories on their every bite that the body needs fat and its the sugar content that they need to be concerned with. They looked at me like I was an alien, well, they are on this Slimming World diet, enough said!

When it comes to working out, I am in the gym five days out of seven, minimum (I even took my small weights and Davina DVD with me on a works overnight stay).

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I am still doing plenty of spin classes and do my weights sessions beforehand so I can get the best out of it and burn more fat. I have continued to follow Oli's plan and do lowerbody straight into upperbody, 30 seconds rest and repeat x 4 before moving onto the next two exercises, so some examples being walking lunges (my nemises) straight into pressups, squats straight into shoulder press with 8kg dumbells, single leg squats straight into lat pull down, I think you get the picture! I am able to mix these up and add in new ones as long as it is lowerbody going into upperbody. I think for a girl I am doing pretty well with the weights, I am now able to chest press 40kg (although I think I did way more weight with Oli but like I said the focus is hard when there is noone stood next to you pushing you on) and I am getting 45kg on the lat pull down.

I'm starting to get more interested in the reasons behind each workout and as I need to be tailoring my own workouts now I don't have a PT, I am doing lots of reading and research on this. I am even tampering with the idea of training to become a PT and completing a Level 3 Diploma, using myself as a project but again, this again will all boil down to money! I really want to do it though and I think I will be pretty good at it so I will keep persuing this, so hopefully come January I will be able to enrol.

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